Admission test

Candidates wishing to enrol in the Master Degree Course in Environmental and Land Engineering must have knowledge corresponding to the one supplied by the three-year degree in Engineering in category L-7 (Ministerial Decree 270/2004) or category 8 (Ministerial Decree 509/99). An assessment of the candidates competence is conducted by using the methods described in the course regulations (see link supplied). This assessment will also involve evaluation of the candidate sufficient knowledge of English. Graduates from other three-year degree courses must acquire the necessary knowledge to gain admission to the course. A Commission appointed by the Course Council will indicate any academic integrations required in terms of the study credits which the student needs to acquire. This must be undertaken as specified in the course regulations on the degree course web page (see the link provided), prior to the assessment of the applicant's competence.

For better information contact Incoming guidance Responsible, Marco D'Oria